Poker Bluffing Tips and Strategies : How to Bluff in Poker

Poker Bluffing Tips and Strategies : How to Bluff in Poker

When playing poker, you need to make use of successful bluffing strategies as there is very little that can ever be compared to this strategy. There are chances that you can pull the trigger and call for substantial raise and even if your opponent is deliberating, still you should try and maintain calmness. Nervousness and emotions should always be avoided in this game. There are also chances that if your opponent is taking time to make his decision, you are always praying to your gods to help him fold his hands. The moment your opponent decides to pick your bluff, you certainly might get very much embarrassed. It is important to understand what exactly went wrong in this situation.

The fact is that there are a number of things that in fact might have back fired. Before you can bluff successfully always consider few important factors. In case any of the factors fail to work, there are chances that your bluff could be picked easily by your opponents. You can Bluff wehter you are playing Online poker, full tilt poker or home poker.

Factors to Consider When Bluffing in Poker

  • Create a Story – the moment you have a poker hand, you create a story by folding, raising or checking hands. You convey a message by saying that you are having a hand that can be better than yours.
  • The moment you are thinking of bluffing, you certainly are trying to protect your hand. This is also one condition where most players might go wrong. The whole idea behind this is to try and create a situation where you can make your opponents feel that you are holding a poker hand that might be hard to beat.

Flop Texture

If you have a flop that brings A, 10 and Q, then what are the chances that is could in fact have the power to catch up with your opponents hands? It certainly is considered an absolute waste if this is tried to push off. Uncoordinated flops certainly are good enough to make a bluff. So, good examples of using bluff would be 2, 6 and J or even Q, 5 and 3. In case of straight or flush it is not advisable to bluff.

Table Images

It certainly does not make any sense if you try and bluff a calling station. Before bluffing always assure that your opponents are just not planning to call you, no matter what hands you are having. In most cases tight players are generally more ideal with bluffing. Both types of players certainly are considered as smart and daring. It is also possible to bluff when playing against maniacs. With this there are more chances that you might in fact get away from your bluff.

If you are playing against more aggressive W88 Login player, then there are chances that you might be called off, no matter how strong hands you are holding.

Number of Players

The more the number of players playing on the table, the more are the chances that your bluff be caught easily by any one of the player. When bluffing it is also advisable to try and bet more number of times so other players might fold early.