Does the Martingale System Really Work for Roulette?

Does the Martingale System Really Work for Roulette?

Roulette is a common game in the casino. Roulette is known as a game that uses mathematical logic in the playing process. In order to win the roulette game, it will be better for the player to think and make a strategy with mathematical logic. However, understanding mathematical logic is not easy. Fortunately, there is a strategy that uses the logic of mathematic and applies it to the roulette game. The strategy is called a Martingale System.

This strategy is not so complicated since it tends to be straightforward. Therefore, a lot of players can use the Martingale System in playing the roulette game. However, there is a big question about the function of the Martingale system in roulette. Does the martingale system really work for roulette? Here are some answers to explain how the Martingale System works.

The Application of the Martingale System

Roulette is a game that enables the player to place the wager in some number combinations. The player can place some numbers such as a low number (1-18), high number (19-36), odd or even number, and red/black number. The Martingale system works to make the payouts to be 1:1. It gives some impacts on the player.

If the player can win the game, he needs to place the wager in a double amount of the initial wager. However, if the player loses then he needs to place the wager on the same amount as the initial wager. Theoretically, the Martingale system can work well. However, in practice, there are some problems in applying the Martingale system.

High Risk for Losing Money

As mentioned previously the Martingale system looks a great idea to win the roulette game. However, in practice, the Martingale system creates such a high risk to lose money. Why? In the roulette game, there are bet size limits that are minimum and maximum. The maximum size limit is set to protect the operators or dealer for losing money when they are facing the skilled players. However, using the Martingale system will make the player reach a maximum bet size quickly. It has been explained before since the player who wins one around the need to double up wager.

Reaching the maximum size quickly will only decrease the efficiency strategy. On the other hand, the Martingale system will make the loose player spend their money on the bankroll. Since the player needs to place the wager at the same amount of initial wager when he loses one game.

Does the Martingale system really work for roulette? The answer to this question is No, it doesn’t. Using the Martingale system will increase the risk of losing money for the player. In addition, this strategy is also inefficient to be played on the roulette game. The Martingale system will only work if there is no maximum bet size limit on the roulette and the player has an indefinite amount of bankroll. However, it will be too hard to find such conditions in real life.