Keno Strategies – How Do You Play Keno?

Keno Strategies - How Do You Play Keno?

The Keno game is almost like playing a lottery and is simple to learn and play. Also, there are various versions of Keno that you can find online. The game of Keno came to USA through Chinese settlers as early as 19th century. Initially the game was mostly played in gambling clubs and casinos, and now it is also available on the internet as online Keno. And there is no dearth of websites that offer online Keno games, the reason is, Keno is a fairly easy game and is very suitable for developing into the online version.

How do You Play Keno?

Although Keno appears to be tricky; actually it is a simple game to play. The player can start the game by picking between “four” and “ten” from an overall of 80 numbers. Every pick that a player makes is called a “Spot”. After the player has put forward the selections; 20 numbered spheres are dropped inside a pipe from a tub. The player wins if more of the drawn numbers match the selections made. So, the game is as simple as that.

In online Keno, numbers are picked in random by a computer program and the player should guess numbers from one to ten. If any number that the player selects also matches the number generated by the computer, it is termed a “hit”. The resulting payout after a player gets a “hit’ is based on whether the wagered amount is one, three or five dollars. When you bet, the possible payoff is displayed on your PC monitor. You are allowed to use as many numbers as you wish from one to ten. Based on the results shown on the screen, you can decide your next wager.

Strategies for Online Keno

The most important thing you should consider when playing Keno is to research the site that you are going to play at. There are lots of sites out there that manipulate the software to make more money. Apart from choosing a genuine Keno website, you can also use other strategies like knowing beforehand the amount of money you are willing to forego and the level of investment you can afford to make towards trying to win.

You can also think about going for the bigger “five dollar” bid as one dollar bids are not significant enough to influence the long term. Whatever may be your tips and strategies for winning in online Keno, it is still a game of luck. Consequently you may have to be prepared to lose now and then if you want to play this game.

The foremost problem with online Keno is that it offers more than 30% house advantage and that is why it is the nastiest online casino game that a player can get into. So, the best strategy for you in online Keno is to actually avoid playing it and go for some other casino game, like Slot W88; that gives you a better chance of winning.